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What client will get after ordering the service

Corporate Websites

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Consulting e-commerce projects
Development of online stores
Development of corporate websites
Interface design
Support and transfer sites


low-cost-weblondon (1) Logo design
Design of corporate identity
Developing brand book, glide-line
Package design
Development of advertising concepts

Internet Marketing

low-cost-weblondon (2) Internet Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Contextual advertising
Improving the quality of sites selling
Site audit


What client will get after ordering the service

1. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

The first step in promoting the Facebook group will involve full-scale SMM efforts to increase the groups exposure and audience. In the initial stages it is not possible to quatify this, therefore exact figures will be known after the first month of activity.

2. Increased number of Likes

3. Joint extenstion of the group

In order to effectively and successfully promote the group, content needs to be selected & approved by both parties. To give an idea, it could be a relevant post/photo/article once a week (4 times a month), to start with and icreasing the frequency as momentum is gained.

4. Installation of specific scripts for better discovery in organic searches.

5. Listing of the group in the relevant directories (in the second month of the operation)

6. Increasing the groups photo portfolio with relevant and appropriate high-resolution photographs that would be agreeed between the parties. Frequency also needs to agreed upon.

7. Creating a buzz (‘Boltushki’)

This step in intertwined with some previous ones as it will be the orchestrated mix of posts, publications and other call-to-action measures that would encourage followers of the group to ‘talk’ about the group, share the post or perform any other specific action that would be agreed with the client before (For example, sharing their emails addresses in return to get a dicsount code for the photoshoot).



• Individual design 2 weeks,
• And politrovy structural skeleton,
• A primary content, software, scripts,
• Spam control, control panel on the CMS WP-JM-DP,
• 2 layout Keywords Optimization THE GOOGLE,
• Sweep all the pages for SEO




• Develop positions on google
• Market analysis
• Competition formation
• Development promotion plan
• Fit the new material to the needs of google
• Preparation of news 2 months
• Consultation on site
• Work efficiency 4-6 months




• Consultations 1p / month
• Cleaning spam
• Adjustment of text up to 500 characters and photos up to 5 MB or up to 30 photo 1p / month • Virus Protection
• Setting the Automator
• Data recovery
• Check other people’s scripts


••• consultation on web ••• •••••Development of corporate websites ••• development promotion plan ••• Design of corporate identity ••• consultation on seo ••• consultation on kontent ••• consultation on shop ••• consultation on logo •••SEO optimisation•••